About us

Located in Sainte-Adele, Les Moulées du Nord is a friendly and welcoming shop that has earned its distinguished reputation as an animal expert that offers a wide variety of food, treats, clothes, accessories, care, and services for the welfare of your furry, feathered or scaly companions. Since 2009, our  pet store has become the leading destination for your pet shopping, as the store is operated by a passionate and highly competent staff willing to offer a personalized service and to guide you in buying tailored products to the needs of your dog, cat, bird, rodent, fish or horse. The owner Mireille Rancourt and her caring staff specially trained for animals’ requirements display their expertise in consulting sales to enhance your shopping experience in store and to provide your pet with everything it requires to be happy and healthy. Furthermore, Les Moulées du Nord is committed to respond every day to current and future trends of this peaceful area of the Laurentians, by offering its customers a convenient drive-through, an interactive online store, a scale and a free pet outdoor shower.


Acquired in October 2009 by its new owner Mireille Rancourt, food and accessories pet store Les Moulées du Nord stands out for its wide selection of quality products and deeply passionate advisors, where the welfare of animals and the full satisfaction of their handlers consists in the heart of our motto. Over the years, our pet store has turned into a second home for the animals who visit it; our staff calls them by their name, love is spred boundlessly and our mascot Cleo the cat is always there to entertain them! Customers benefit from an enhanced shopping experience while the shelves are always tidy and organized by our friendly employees, besides being always accommodated when they have special requests with regard to the comfort of their animals. Since our opening, we advocate the values that define our entrepreneurial role in sales advice such as honesty, integrity and respect within a team devoted to the happiness of the animals and those who take care of them. Les Moulées du Nord’s mission is to offer a wide variety of canine products and impeccable customer service tailored to the consumer sector, while having the ambition to become the favorite pet store of all its customers, including those with two and four legs.

The owner

Moved to the Laurentians for its picturesque landscapes exude calm and harmony, Mireille Rancourt had always dreamed of being the owner and manager of her own business. As she arrived in Sainte-Adèle, she was looking for a local company ready to pass the torch to one’s successor, Mireille truly fell in love with the food and pet accessories store Les Moulées du Nord which corresponded tone-on-tone with its values of honesty and integrity, those that forged this big-hearted business woman. Raised in the countryside on a lovely farmhouse that looked like one from a fairy tale, Mireille grew up under the influence of a loving and generous family that has always shown a deep respect for the animals they raised. She will eventually leave the countryside to become an actress, while exploiting her multiple talents by teaching theater and then working in the personal finance sector for a few years. Now mother of two boys, Mireille returned to her roots by combining her passion for animals and her knowledge of administration through the acquisition of this pet store with great potential that recreates, in a way, the farmhouse of her sweet childhood.