mireilleMireille Rancourt

Mireille is the proud owner of Les Moulées du Nord. When she arrived in Sainte-Adele, Mireille completely fell for the shop of food and accessories for animals Les Moulées du Nord. With its welcoming façade and honorable mission, Mireille bought this company that corresponded tone on tone with her values of honesty and integrity, those that forged this business woman with a golden heart. She knows that if the shop is this much respected in the market, it is largely thanks to her professional staff and worthy of the accomplished work. Mireille ensures that her team is made up of employees who are committed to improve the living standards of animals, their owners and their families.

We are proud to introduce the Moulées du Nord team:


Karine Savoie

Karine is the manager of Les Moulées du Nord. She ensures the smooth running of the shop with her keen sense of leadership, rigorous organization and high skills. Karine has an excellent knowledge of the animal world, especially since she recently completed a training in dog behavior with distinction! Woman of heart and mind, Karine is deeply appreciated by her peers with her great sense of humor and disarming joviality. Our customers love her especially for her attentive approach and professional service.


Kim Loiselle

With the loving and kind Kim, our guests are assured to be welcomed like family! Thoughtful, sensitive and generous, she will undoubtedly be your pet’s bestfriend. With her legendary patience and unparalleled passion for animal welfare, Kim will take all the necessary time to guide and orient you in the store with the ultimate goal of meeting your needs. She always takes the time to listen to your requests carefully and goes above and beyond to satisfy them.


Stéphanie Legendre

Stéphanie never beats around the bush to offer the best advice to our loyal clientele! Dynamic and spontaneous, Stéphanie wants to pass on her knowledge and to benefit our consumers. Whatever your request is, Stephanie will know how to address it with velocity! With her colleagues as well as with our customers, she is eager to do impeccable work; her attention to detail is at the heart of her exemplary service.


Sandrine Lapointe

Always cheerful, Sandrine approaches all our customers with a smile that is as radiant as contagious. Endowed with great warmth and boundless generosity, Sandrine seeks to offer support to owners and animals at all levels. She knows how to put our customers at ease by carefully learning about its needs while offering accessible and adapted solutions. Sandrine transmits her joy of life to all of those around her and she will make your visit in our shop truly memorable and pleasant!


Caroline Bergeron

Full of energy, Caroline knows how to receive our clientele with her dynamic and pleasant personality. As she constantly strives to meet the needs of all, she is of an extremely valuable and substantial assistance. Serving and hardworking, Caroline shows a strong maternal instinct in everything she undertakes and carries with her the loyalty, the gift of self and the fraternal love to our customers as she offers them an unmatched support.